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(promo, 2018)

Company: Guar Collective


Kobox isn't just a gym, it's a lifestyle. That's why we decided to work with them. We wanted to help them show the raw intensity of what a work out there will put you through.

This video was the centre piece of our work with them, but we also put together 13 personal trainer social videos, team headshots, and a variety of gifs and photos to bulk out their media pack.


Sony FS7 Mk i

Samyung Cine-Primes

I provide a range of modern equipment to suit your needs, conveniently collated into three packages for different requirements for your project.

Equipment Packages

This is a basic, single camera package that includes a cinema standard camera, a lens package, sound equipment and a tripod. This is perfect for quick to shoot videos that don't require an overtly technical approach. Usually best utilised for events, vox-pops and some testimonials in the field.

Single Camera Kit

Package 01

Similar to the single camera package, this package consists of two cameras rather than just the one. It also includes the same lens package, sound equipment, and tripod. This would be great if you have for events and basic interviews along with a two person crew.

Double camera package

Package 02

The works is as it sounds, you get a full setup including two cameras, sound equipment, lens package and lighting package. This is best for interviews and work that requires a more crafted image. Remember, lighting makes all the difference when it comes to video content.

The works

Package 03

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