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(promo, 2018)

Company: Guar Collective


Kobox isn't just a gym, it's a lifestyle. That's why we decided to work with them. We wanted to help them show the raw intensity of what a work out there will put you through.

This video was the centre piece of our work with them, but we also put together 13 personal trainer social videos, team headshots, and a variety of gifs and photos to bulk out their media pack.


Sony FS7 Mk i

Samyung Cine-Primes

Inogen Alliance: How a global network of consultants is bringing change to multinational businesses


Documentary, 2022

Director: Constantin Pilavios
DOP: George Pearton
Company: TBD Media / Inogen Alliance


Humanity’s interaction with the environment over the last 100 years has brought on climate change resulting in catastrophic events like extreme weather, floods, and wildfires.


Inogen Alliance is an Alliance of 78 companies that have worked together globally over the last 20 years providing consulting services on environment, health and safety, sustainability and ESG.

Sony FX6 w/ Vintage Canon FD Lenses
BMPCC 4K (B Cam)

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